This programme aims to develop individual's cognitive agility and enhance individual’s cognitive versatility through developing understanding of the key 21st Century thinking skills to excel in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments.

They develop understanding and skills that change the nature of conversations that they are having with their colleagues, their team and with customers.

They gain insight into their preferred thinking style and understand how to shift into relevant thinking styles to maximise impact. By doing so, they will be able to think more critically, generate more creative ideas, work more effectively with others, solve problems faster and make better decisions.

Programme Outline


We use the One Smart World 4D-i® assessment tool because it not only allows individuals to comprehend how they prefer to operate but it also enables individuals working in a team environment to develop a common language, and hence collaborate effectively with others around them. In our experience this enhances individual and collective self awareness.



The systematic use of this approach has led to significant improvements in productivity and impact. Our highly specialised individual coaching helps embed learning and encourages the application of new knowledge, with individuals, teams and organisations. It also creates a deeper understanding and self-awareness in order to enhance individual leadership capacity.

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