Team Development

Through our team development programmes we provide insight into high performance team dynamics and team performance factors to strengthen team cohesion and inspire culture of delivering excellence under pressure. 

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Team Development

  • The aim of our Senior Leadership Team Programme is to develop a High Performance Leadership Team which consistently creates an environment that enables world class performance under pressure.

High Performance Leadership Teams

  • High performing leadership teams collaborate effectively and have learned to think together to work out solutions under pressure.
  • We use the One Smart World 4DI system in order to map the team members’ styles for creative, analytical and critical thinking. This increases understanding of self and others and develops collaborative thinking processes to guide the team in all its’ planning, conflict resolution and problem solving.

The Dimensions Of High Performance

  • It is time to go beyond personality traits and relying only on strengths. You can’t change what other people do. You often can’t change the situations you find yourself in. You can change what you do and the results you get, by changing your thinking.
    That’s where we come in. Learn how to shift and develop your thinking skills.
    Create more ideas. Understand, communicate and collaborate better with others. Make smarter decisions. Build your resilience. Learn the core strategies and skills to master all 4 dimensions of high performance thinking.
    Find out how you are smart. Learn how to think and work smarter.
    The 4D-i® is a learning passport into a whole new way of thinking. Learn your own and your team members’ thinking preferences. Grow and expand thinking skills. Increase adaptability. Improve how to relate to people who think differently and accelerate collaborative teamwork.

Programme Aims


Enhance team and individual leadership effectiveness through increased self and collective awareness.


Develop understanding of individual and team operating styles through One Smart World Profiling tool.


Exploration of individual purpose (values/motives) and leadership style (influences/behaviours).


Develop greater understanding of factors influencing your team’s performance and motivation.


Identify your Team’s lead performance behaviours.


Promote ‘team confidence’ and ‘ self confidence’ - respect for each other’s strengths and understanding of how best to appropriately support and challenge in a pressure environment.


Create an open respectful environment through peer coaching and mentoring.
This is an excellent programme that allowed a diverse group of high performing individuals to get to know each other in a non-judgmental way. It allowed people to share how they prefer to operate and hence helped shape discussions about how we take this blend of individuals and make them a successful and effective team.
James Moore,
Deputy Chef de Mission for Performance Services for Team GB

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