JHC Consulting services enabling individuals & teams to consistently perform to the best of their ability.
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Consulting for organisations, individuals and

JHC has provided consulting services to Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth organisations, individuals and teams.  Working with National Governing Bodies of Sport, professional and amateur performance teams and athletes as well as global organisations within Telecommunications, Hospitality, Finance, Education and Health Care etc
We integrate leading edge performance sport processes and knowledge into the business leadership environment to increase understanding of what drives performance with individuals and teams.    
The Performance Cogs model allows high performers in any environment to identify the important critical factors which are key to successful performance. Marginal improvements across a range of areas accumulate into significant performance gains.
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For Individuals

  • Our work with individuals is focused on understanding why we behave the way we do and how to change behaviour.
  • Understanding individual behaviour is the foundation for building strong teams. We use a combination of the latest performance sport science to develop individual performance - using hard data through our cognitive tool from
  • One Smart World along with our expertise in softer coaching skills to help individuals understand their own operating styles. 
  • Enhance your individual leadership and communication style and hone skills to enable you to respond to complex situations.

For Teams

  • Our work with teams is focused on developing collaboration and maximising human potential.
  • Promoting team and individual leadership effectiveness through increased self and collective awareness.
  • We develop understanding of individual and team operating styles through our One Smart World Profiling tool.​
  • Develop greater understanding of factors influencing your team performance and motivation.
  • Identify your Team lead performance behaviours.
  • Provide insight into high performance team dynamics and team performance factors to strengthen team cohesion and inspire culture of delivering excellence under pressure.
  • Promote 'team confidence' and ' self confidence' - respect for each other's strengths and understanding of how best to appropriately support and challenge in a pressure environment.

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The JHC Way

People at the Heart of Performance

  • Create space for people
  • Listen to Understand
  • Recognise people have choices
  • Build Resilience to Perform

Authentic Voices

  • Who are you really?
  • Find your Why
  • Emotionally Agile
  • Feedback is a gift

Collaboration Counts

  • Collective Purpose
  • Follow and Lead
  • Embrace Diversity
  • Share Expertise