What we do

We enable individuals and teams to consistently perform to the very best of their ability.
Shifting performance from good to great through an increased understanding of self and what it takes to create a high performance environment.

Access our On Demand Courses in Leadership, Mentoring and Team Development.

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JHC Consulting services enabling individuals & teams to consistently perform to the best of their ability.  JHC has provided consulting services to Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth organisations, individuals and teams. 


With our unique approach we support individuals within a performance environment to improve & optimize their skills while achieving their goals. In the parallel worlds of elite sport and business both exist within an intense pressured environment.
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High Performing Team Development

We use a combination of cognitive profiling along with our expertise in softer coaching skills to help individuals & teams understand their operating style in complex high performance environments.  

The JHC Way

People at the Heart of Performance

  • Create space for people
  • Listen to Understand
  • Recognise people have choices
  • Build Resilience to Perform

Authentic Voices

  • Who are you really?
  • Find your Why
  • Emotionally Agile
  • Feedback is a gift

Collaboration Counts

  • Collective Purpose
  • Follow and Lead
  • Embrace Diversity
  • Share Expertise