Performance Mentoring - Brilliant Basics

It is becoming increasingly clear that talented individuals need mentors who can support them in complex and often highly pressurised environment. They are looking for mentors who have the skills to connect effectively with them on a personal level and who work hard to understand their motivations.
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    Jo Hopkins
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    8 videos, 16 hours

What to expect?

Through this programme you will begin to develop an understanding of how to help talented people flourish. It will develop your capacity to help people change their behaviours and impact performance by developing deeper self-awareness in those you support.
This programme will accelerate your questioning and listening skills.
To mentor effectively you must have an understanding of your own motivations and work hard to understand the motivations of others. This programme will develop your self-awareness.

Who is this for?

Aimed at individuals responsible for supporting the performance of others, who know that skilled genuine engagement is the best way to create sustainable and effective working relationships which enhance performance. 

The JHC Way

People at the Heart of Performance

  • Create space for people
  • Listen to Understand
  • Recognise people have choices
  • Build Resilience to Perform

Authentic Voices

  • Who are you really?
  • Find your Why
  • Emotionally Agile
  • Feedback is a gift

Collaboration Counts

  • Collective Purpose
  • Follow and Lead
  • Embrace Diversity
  • Share Expertise

Course overview


Module 1 – Introduction to Mentoring

 Module 2 – What is Mentoring?
 Module 3 – Authentic Mentoring Relationships
  Module 4 – World Class Basics & Self Awareness
 Module 5 – Rapport & Trust 
 Module 6 – Questioning 
 Module 7 – Listening
 Module 8 – Shape of a conversation 
 Module 9 – Contracting 
 Module 10 – Top Tips for Mentoring

Team facilitators

#Jo Hopkins | #Eliza Downey | #Karen Brown

Jo Hopkins
CEO & Founder. Jo Hopkins Consultancy
Eliza Downey
Director of Programmes & Partnerships
Karen Brown MBS
Elite Performance Coach

Performance Mentoring - Brilliant Basics

Today's leaders need to have exceptional self-awareness and the resilience and emotional agility to lead in complex and volatile environments.